About Us

Bozeman's WaP Shoppe: A Brief Origin Story
Bozeman's WaP Shoppe (Eh, Wood and Plastic, of course) is a small business that recently formed in August 2023, based out of Trempealeau, WI.
If you haven't had the chance to meet us during our local events, here's a quick story.
The wife grew up playing Euchre in Wisconsin, while the husband, who hails from the South, was not familiar with the game.
One day, the wife invited the husband to play in a Euchre tournament hosted by her family.
His response- “Sure, What’s Euchre?”
While the wife placed 3rd, the husband came in 16th... out of 16 participants.  
During the games, the husband kept hearing "What's trump again?" and thus, Euchre AZ, and in turn, Bozeman's WaP Shoppe was born!